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LG washing machines have slowly but surely been expanding into new territories abroad as the manufacturers are now trying to exploit and break into new markets overseas, rather than solely relying upon their native South Korea for profits. There is a considerable amount of competition within the washing machine product market, and so any new product entering the market will face an uphill struggle to make that all essential connection with the common consumer. However, lg washing machines are slowly but surely winning over the skeptics and if this continues, the lg washing machines will give the other, firmly established vendors a serious run for their money.

lg washing machines have proven to be especially favored and popular in the United Kingdom, however if you do happen to hail from the UK then you may want to give some serious thought about actually purchasing lg washing machines. bosch 6.5 kg washing machine The reason for this is more of a logistical issue rather than an actual reflection of the quality of the lg washing machines themselves, in that because the lg washing machines are produced in South Korea, this may make the replacement of defunct/malfunctioning parts much more costly and difficult.

LG washers have enjoyed a well deserved and established reputation for reliability, dependability and being extremely robust, but there is always the small chance that your machine can and will break down. Whether this issue of significant importance to put you off from buying these products totally is entirely up to you.

Some washers are infamous for their propensity for breaking down seemingly a whim and with no provocation required, and as if this was not bad enough, the actual cost of repairing such work is increased significantly by virtue of the fact that the machine has to be dissected in order for the repairman to get access to the faulty unit in question.

Thankfully, the manufacturers of LG washers have sought to avoid such an eventuality and managed to do so with their inclusion of the Direct Drive System which means that the motor is directly built into the drum pulley of the machine. This means that the motor will manipulate the drum directly and will not have to rely upon a belt to control the pulley. This may sound like a fairly trivial alteration but the impact it has is profound indeed, as it significantly increases the durability of the machine as a whole and eliminates the strain placed on one of the most heavily used components of the machine.

In addition, the usage of the Direct Drive System also has the added benefit of significantly reducing the noise emissions produced by the washer meaning that there is no painfully loud vibrations, grating or thudding as the machine is set to work.

However, there is one design flaw that seems to have escaped the baleful eye of the quality control department for the lg washing machines factory and that is the soap dispenser drawer which many consumers have reported is extremely delicate and especially vulnerable to breakage and cracking. Caution is advised whenever you are required to interact with the soap dispenser drawer in order to help prevent any potential problems.

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